1. Top Ten Questions to ask yourself when hiring a DJ

    1. Are you working with an agent or the DJ personally? Entertainment Agencies and multiple show DJs will book your event and then may shop around for the cheapest DJ whom you will not meet until the day of the event.
    With A Class Act you work only with the owners - we ARE NOT an agency nor a multiple show company. We meet all licensing requirements set by the State of New Jersey.

    (NOTE: DJ agencies, booking agencies and multiple show DJs in New Jersey are required to have a Disc Jockey Agency License issued by the NJ State Office of Consumer Protection, Regulated Business Section: N.J.S.A. 34:8-43 et seq. For information, or to check if a DJ has or needs a license, call them at 973-504-6370. 124 Halsey St., Newark, NJ 07101)

    2. Does the DJ use a contract? If not, why? A Class Act confirms your wishes in writing.

    3. Is it a business, just a hobby, or weekend work? A Class Act is a full time business. Performing 7 days a week.

    4. Does the DJ rent or own the equipment? Is it professional equipment or home audio products? A Class Act owns and utilizes all professional sound and lighting equipment with 100% original CD quality sound. Never "burned" or copied CDs or tapes. We do not use MP3 files downloaded from the internet. To learn more about why DJs can not use copied music, go to the Recording Idustry Association of America's web site at www.riaa.org

    5. Does the DJ have backup equipment - at your affair? A Class Act always brings backup equipment... just in case.

    6. Will the DJ dress appropriately? A Class Act follows your request regarding attire. From tuxedo to costume.

    7. Does the DJ specify a setup time? A Class Act will start to setup a minimum of 30 mins. (1 hr. if lights are used) before the event is scheduled to begin. This allows for any necessary adjustments or requested changes.

    8. Are requests welcomed and encouraged? Some DJ's only play what they want to hear from a limited music library. A Class Act works with you on music selections from a 16,000+ song library that is indexed with a copy for your guests to pick from and brought to every affair.

    9. How is the DJs etiquette and attitude? A Class Act is flexible--from a partying wedding emcee to a background music player. Never becomes obnoxious or consumes alcohol or smokes at your affair.

    10. WHO'S IN CONTROL? With A Class Act you set the tone of the event--music selection, volume, level of DJ interaction, special effects, props, and give-a-ways.



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